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ANHE Fellowship Region 9



Barbara Sattler, RN, DrPH is a Professor in Public Health at the University of San Francisco and a nursing leader in the area of environmental health, including issues related to climate change.   She has been an advisor to the EPA’s Office of Child Health Protection and the National Library of Medicine for informational needs of health professionals on environmental health. Dr. Sattler was a founding member of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments. Under her leadership, ANHE has played an important role in the fight against fracking by alerting policymakers and the public to the detrimental health impacts of the chemicals used in fracking on the communities nearby.




Erika Alfaro Lemus is a public health nurse for Health and Family Services with San Mateo County, where she works as a nurse case manager for California Children’s Services. Ms. Alfaro Lemus has a broad range of nursing experience, from pediatric cardiac ICU to utilization review and community health. She has been working in the nursing field since the age of 18, when she worked as a nursing assistant in a variety of nursing specialties including skilled nursing, psych/mental health, medical-surgical, and ICU.




Sarah Brown Blake, PhD, RN, PHN is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at California State University, Chico. She coordinates the graduate program and teaches public health nursing. Her research focuses on equitable access to clean and affordable drinking water in California’s San Joaquin Valley.





Michelle Bergen has been a nurse for 25 years and worked primarily in oncology nursing.  As of 2017, Ms. Bergen holds an MSN degree from California State University-Fresno and is a board-certified family nurse practitioner. She is currently pursuing a DNP degree at the University of San Francisco with a major in population health leadership, where her focus is on prevention and education around coccidioidomycosis, also known as Valley Fever. She hopes to implement a program in the Central Valley where primary care providers are educated on coccidioidomycosis prevention, pathophysiology, and mandatory screening and early treatment in high-risk groups.