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ANHE’s Climate Change Resources

Learn about the science of climate change,  the health impacts of a changing climate, and how nurses can be leaders in supporting strong climate action.

Nurses and midwives from around the world are invited to join the Nurses Drawdown movement by taking personal and professional action to address climate change.

ANHE’s Climate Change Resources

The Nurses Climate Challenge is a global initiative that aims to mobilize nurses to educate health professionals about the health impacts of climate change.

The Climate, Health, and Nursing Tool (CHANT) is a 10-minute survey asking respondents about awareness, motivation, and behaviors related to climate change and health.

A collaborative effort of ANHE, Climate for Health, and national nursing organizations to elevate climate change and health as a visible priority.

Developed to accelerate international collaboration and partnerships with nursing organizations for research, practice, and teaching on climate justice.