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EnviRN News – August 1, 2018 Children Burning Plastic Webinars

August 1, 2018


If we measure ourselves by how well we treat children, the grade for the last six months will have us intercepting the mail to destroy the report card before our parents see it. Thankfully we have entities like the the Children’s Environmental Health Network. Please take a walk thru their site at CEHN. Do the pull down thing and see the Monthly Themes. Note that July was Climate Change as the world burned, and August will be Water. More bad news from Flint, Michigan that is a warning to all of us about our water supply. Since October is almost here it is not too early to think about Children’s Environmental Health day, the second Thursday of October, championed by the CEHN. Go to E Health Day.

Burning World

The New York Times is publishing a report on climate change, what we knew and when we knew it. Go to NYT. No doubt you have the news report of heat and fires in your local newspaper. Here is potpourri – Post, NBC, Europe, CBS, USA Today, Why – let’s keep it simple – go to CO2. If you want to bury your head in the sand and avoid thinking about global warming, think that aluminum foil wrapped potato in the campfire, do not do it at Death Valley.


My ignorance is easily exposed. I admit I had no idea plastic straws were such a significant item in our landfills. 7% of plastic products found in the environment. Go to Last Straw. I have one left that I will put in my safety deposit box with my mercury thermometer and sell on eBay to finance grandchildren’s college education.


Thank you Barbara Sattler and Sara DeLaney for alerting us to the Health Care Without Harm webinar on August 9 – go to Climate Solutions.

The American Lung Association is sponsoring a webinar for health professionals on August 2 about EPA, got to ALA.

Ok, it is not a webinar but it is one of those electronic things. Listen to Jessica Castner on a podcast about the article written by her and Barbara Polivka about Particulate Matter exposure.

Be Well!

Tom Engle
Newsletter Ed.