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EnviRN News – June 14, 2020

Jume 14, 2020

Here I am.
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Has there been a more important time to step up? Commit to helping make ANHE everything it needs to be. There is much environmental work to do. Commit.

ANHE Work Groups

There are six ANHE work groups. Join one!

The Practice Group meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Go to: Practice
The Policy Group meets on the 1st Thursday of the month. Go to: Policy
The Education Group meets on the 2nd Monday of the month. Go to:Education
The Research Group meets on the 4th Thursday of the month. Go to: Research
The Climate Group meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Go to: Climate
Food and Ag issues are discussed at the Green Bag Lunch series. Go to: Food
[Yes, someone must have had lot of love for Thursdays!]


Keep up with the podcasts. Most recently Jacob Roberts, Kathy Reiner, Drawdown Panel, and Jessica Madrid. Go to: Podcasts. You know how to download the app and listen.


Speaking of Drawdown. We have been talking about the Drawdown project for a few years. Because you went to the above mentioned podcast you have seen the links for both the Nurses Drawdown and the Project Drawdown. Well, if you forgot to click the links, now you have them again. The table of solutions at the Project is particularly fun for its anti-hubris, pride crushing, I thought I knew what was going on, value. Click the solutions column to see the rankings.


Everything appears to be cooking up for a hot summer. Covid is going to keep me from my usual cooling plans which include hanging out near the frozen food aisle at the grocery store or going to the theatre and dodging the staff so I can stay in the theater all day. For a lot of info, graphs, basic stuff, go to: Climate Central.


Much is going on. Can we do any environmental work in the midst of Covid? Take heart that even in New York, which as we know is one of the Covid ground zeroes, there is an agenda. Take a look at how Clean and Healthy New York is talking about chemical work today.

Conferences and Webinars and Such

Many conferences have been canceled, rescheduled, or gone virtual. If you have one we should list, please let us know, (TE)

Fire Drill Friday is at Fire.
APHA Annual Conference 10/24 – 10/28 – APHA [now planned to be virtual] ACHNE Annual Institute 6/4 – 6/6 – ACHNE [virtual and available on line] Rural Nurse Organization International Conference 7/27 – 7/30 – RNO
Climate Change and Nursing Video Series – Video
PEHSU National Classroom – PEHSU Webinars and Modules
Waiting Room Brochures from the Green Doctor – Resources
Be Well!

Tom Engle
Newsletter Ed.