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EnviRN News – March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020

We are all distracted worrying about our colleagues, our family, our neighbors. Nonetheless the environmental work goes on. Maybe below the fold for a bit. You are sheltered and hunkered down. Now is a perfect time to sign up with one of the ANHE Work Groups. Go to: Working. Additionally there is a Food Committee.


Take a look at the new Drawdown site. Go to: Drawdown. Spend a little time looking thru the solutions, download the review, fiddle with the table of solutions. Plant based diet – though I cannot bring myself to drink one of those green things my daughter prepares, I do feel righteous with our vegetarian household. Succeeded in getting our state APHA affiliate (Oregon) to convert to vegetarian food at our annual conference. Failed in getting APHA to do it for its annual conference. Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it does not.


We all know that emissions go down as we do less. Take a look at this description of traffic and pollution under the CVirus cloud. Go to: Traffic.


ANHE is one of many organizations that has signed on in the effort to assure the relief package from Congress is truly helpful. Please take a look at Bailout. Note you can sign on as an individual and if you scroll down far enough find the way to sign on your organization.


I hope you are listening to the Podcasts. Most recently Nancy Chaney, among many things nurse, politician, and archeologist. Go to: Podcasts. You know how to download the app and listen.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

My deceased mother’s car filtered down to me, then to my daughter, and now the car is itself deceased, so of course it is back to me.  Recycling it through Make a Wish, which is undoubtably a good thing. Turns out they contract with a towing company which sells the car at auction. Wish gets money from that sale. That is undoubtably a good thing. However, I really have no idea what happens with the makings of that car. I am supportive of Wish, like them, glad they do this, but my personal ‘you are a hero’ Tom has gone down to a deep growl. I suppose that is why Reduce and Reuse are listed before recycle.

Conferences and Webinars and Such

Many conferences have been canceled, rescheduled, or gone virtual. If you have one we should list, please let us know, (TE)

Fire Drill Friday is still trying to put out fires. The main page is at Fire. Yes that page is running a little behind, everyone is busy. There is a virtual FD planned for the 27th. Go to: FD the 27th. Yes that is on Facebook. If I have messed up the link I know you know how to search for Fire Drill Friday in the Facebook search thing,

APHA Annual Conference 10/24 – 10/28 – APHA
ACHNE Annual Institute 6/4 – 6/6 – ACHNE
APHN Annual Conference 4/20 – 4/23 – APHN
Rural Nurse Organization International Conference 7/27 – 7/30 – RNO
Climate Change and Nursing Video Series – Video
PEHSU National Classroom – PEHSU Webinars and Modules
Climate Change and Health April 4, 2020 – Symposium
Waiting Room Brochures from the Green Doctor – Resources
Be Well!

Tom Engle
Newsletter Ed.