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EnviRN News – October 23, 2018

October 23, 2018

dum Roma deliberat Saguntum perit

Water, Air, and Food

Covering our food with chemicals designed to kill things seems like a bad idea from a one idea meeting. Eat foods without the chemicals and you are better off. Duh! Go to Organics and Cancer.

Climate and Health

Cassandra is screaming and we are deaf. The floor of the cave is covered with canaries yet we keep walking in. We know the recent report that has detailed even more urgency about climate change. Many news sources. For example: Go to Climate. A nice graphic that walks us through the issues, and the world, is at: Climate Brief. Does anyone keep “bookmarks” anymore? “Dad no-one does bookmarks, just google it!” If you do, keep the IPCC and Drawdown and of course ANHE on your list.


Why did Plastic Man always wear sunglasses? That makes no sense. I guess we will find out now that we know plastic is in EVERYTHING including our [bleep]. Go to Microplastics.


Maybe Dan R who said – Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn’t block traffic. We drive and drive. Go to: Gasoline. This is a little old but the sixth paragraph is important – absolute amount versus rate of change. Reminds us the only solution is KEEP IT IN THE GROUND. I apologize you have to look for a paper copy of the WSJ but this piece on flaring is worth reading to the bottom where the mayor of a town in Texas says: “Without the infrastructure being here, the only other solution is what, they stop drilling?” Go to: Flaring.

Resource Conservation and Waste

Who knew? Go to: Cigarettes. It is worth keeping in mind that everything has side affects. Go to: Conservation.

Built Environment

CDC has a nice manual to help us when we take a look at our built environment. Go to Built.

Adelita G. Cantu

Take a look at the nice work Adelita is doing as highlighted by Health Care Without Harm. Go to: Adelita and also to the Nurses Climate Challenge.

Webinars and Such

Much thanks to our Barb Sattler who is watching closely information about 5G (4G was not a parking space, neither is 5G). A series of YouTube videos is at: 5G. Guaranteed if you watch the first three minutes to “GAL” you will watch the rest.

Health Care Without Harm – Climate Solutions
PEHSU Grand Rounds – Early Life Exposure

Be Well!

Tom Engle
Newsletter Ed.