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What is Body Burden?

Every day we are exposed to natural and man-made chemicals. These chemicals are now being shown to be making their way into our bodies. This build-up of chemicals in our bodies is called body burden. For a more detailed description of body burden: What is body burden?

Exposure to Chemicals

We are first exposed to chemicals in the womb through the umbilical cord. Chemical exposure at that stage of development can be most harmful because organs are still developing. We are also exposed to a variety of chemicals in our everyday lives whether it be through eating pesticide treated foods or the plastic container we are storing these foods in.

Reducing Exposure to Chemicals

It is important to be aware of the toxins around you. This website has a list of things to do to avoid exposure to unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals. Some of the list includes these tips:

  • Vacuum regularly to avoid PBDE
  •  Try to avoid electronics with PBDE
  •  Avoid buying furniture with PBDE (Ikea has been phasing it out)
  • Avoid Pesticides (buy organic)
  • Avoid BPA (use less plastics)
  • Consider purchasing an air purifier

Health Impacts

The Environmental Working Group has been at the forefront of highlighting the numerous chemicals that are making their way into our bodies. They have performed several different body burden studies. Read about the body burden in newborns here.

Body Burden