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National Nursing Organizations Commit to Climate Action

 National Nursing Organizations Commit to Climate Action


October 9th, 2018

Cara Cook, Climate Change Program Coordinator, ANHE

Jennifer Giordano, ecoAmerica

[Washington, DC] (October 9th, 2018) – In a historic gathering, representatives from national nursing organizations joined together to strengthen their commitment to addressing climate change as a health priority and to identify how the nursing profession can take the lead in addressing this pressing health concern. From October 4-6th leaders from 12 nursing organizations gathered at a convening event hosted by the Nursing Collaborative on Climate Change and Health, a partnership between the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, Climate for Health, and national nursing organizations.

“As trusted health professionals that make up the largest portion of the healthcare workforce, nurses are uniquely positioned to lead in addressing the health impacts of climate change”, said the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environment’s Executive Director Katie Huffling. “Through our partnership efforts, we are calling on the nursing profession to engage and support climate strategies and interventions that protect health.”

With representation from across nursing subspecialties and encompassing various communities served, this meeting highlights how the nursing profession can work collaboratively to respond this to growing public health concern. “The public health implications from climate change demand immediate action”, said Dr. Lisa Campbell, Chair of the Public Health Nursing Section of the American Public Health Association. “Every day, public health nurses are implementing strategies to prevent harm from climate-related effects and understand the importance of proactively working to address climate change in nursing practice and within our communities. Together, by leading on this issue, nurses have the opportunity to protect the health of communities now and in future generations.”

Understanding that climate change disproportionately affects certain populations, the organizations discussed how nurses can foster equitable solutions for those most vulnerable in the face of climate impacts. “It is imperative that the voice of those most impacted by climate change is loud and strong in decision making around climate change”, said Anabell Castro-Thompson, Immediate Past President of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. “Climate change will continue to perpetuate health disparities and inequities experienced by racial and ethnic minority groups without focused and strategic action.”

From this meeting, 12 nursing organizations signed on to a joint statement recognizing the need for unification and coordination among the nursing profession and committing to elevate the nursing response to climate change through various actions such as working collaboratively across organizations, increasing education on climate and health, and advocating for equitable climate policy.

View the joint statement and list of signers below. To learn more about the Nursing Collaborative on Climate Change and Health and encourage your nursing association to join, visit


About the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments
The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments is the only national nursing organization focused solely on environmental health issues. The mission of the Alliance is to promote healthy people and healthy environments by educating and leading the nursing profession, advancing research, incorporating evidence-based practice, and influencing policy.

About ecoAmerica
ecoAmerica builds institutional leadership, public support, and political will for climate solutions in the United States. We help national mainstream organizations elevate their climate leadership, providing them strategy, tools and resources to: demonstrate visible climate leadership, empower climate literacy, engage all constituents, and build collective action and advocacy. We help our partners permanently transform into national climate leaders who inspire others on solutions.


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