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Academic Resources

Case studies, online tutorials, and resources to help you integrate environmental health into nursing curricula.

For students and educators

EHP Science Education Program  A library of 91 high-quality science and interdisciplinary lessons based on selected articles and scientific research published in Environmental Health Perspectives.  Aligned with National Science Education Standards, these programs are targeted for high school students.

EPA Educational Resources Educational resources and activities from the Environmental Protection Agency for kids K-12 as well as resources for teachers, grants, and training information.

EPA Air Quality Flag Program How the program works: each day your organization raises a flag that corresponds to how clean or polluted the air is. The color of the flag matches EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI): green, yellow, orange, red, and purple. On unhealthy days, your organization can use this information to adjust physical activities to help reduce exposure to air pollution, while still keeping people active.

The 2011 AACN Sustainabilty Recommendations for Greening SON’s

Training Manual on Pediatric Environmental Health: Putting it into Practice   This manual has been designed by the Children’s Environmental Health Network to assist you in incorporating pediatric environmental health into your teaching program. Modules include case studies, discussion questions, and suggested assignments.

Online modules and tutorials

ATSDR Medical Management Guidelines for Acute Chemical Exposures  These guidelines were developed by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry to aid emergency health care personnel in managing acute exposures resulting from chemical incidents.

Safe Workplaces and Healthy Learning Places: Environmentally Healthy Schools This module introduces basic concepts and issues associated with environmental health risks to children in schools.  The module was designed by the American Nurses’ Association and the University of Maryland School of Nursing, and continuing education credit is available.

Toxicology Tutorials by the National Library of Medicine   Basic principles of toxicology, toxicokinetics, and cellular toxicology.

University of Pittsburgh Supercourses   Courses and training materials on a variety of environmental health topics including global warming, emergency preparedness, endocrine disruptors, air & water pollution, and a variety of other topics.

Case studies

ATDSDR Case Studies in Environmental Medicine   A variety of case studies by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.  Continuing education credit available.