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Seeking Nurses for a Study on Nurse-Community Partnerships for Climate Justice

Dear Nurses,

I am a PhD candidate with the University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Nursing. I am conducting a study with nurses who have experience partnering with communities to advance climate justice. The main goal of this research is to learn about effective strategies that nurses use or have used with community partners who are on the frontline of adverse health impacts from climate change. Specifically, this study will 1) describe how nurses and their community partners conceptualize climate justice and 2) examine how their perspectives and experiences inform the partnership strategies that advance climate justice.

The movement to advance climate justice requires new directions for nursing and holds pragmatic implications for nursing research, education, advocacy, and practice. This study will help determine whether there are existing effective climate justice strategies implemented by nurses and their community partners. Future research will determine if the strategies can be scaled for a greater impact and widely disseminated, such as through nursing and public health education. If no effective strategies are found, further research is needed to better understand effective strategies utilized by climate justice community-based organizations and the potential role of nurses as partners in the climate justice movement.

If you are a nurse who is working with one or more community partners to advance climate justice and are found to be eligible and participate in the full study, you will receive up to $70 to thank you for your time. If you would like to participate or learn more, please click HERE for the Participant Screening Survey, which will take approximately 3 minutes to complete.

Jessica LeClair, PhDc, MPH, RN (she/her)

Phone: (608) 265-8225