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ANHE Announces 2021 Student Nurse Committee Members

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments launched the inaugural Student Nurse Committee in 2020 with the aim of providing a unique opportunity for pre-licensure nursing students to explore their passion around environmental health. As part of their participation in the committee, the student nurses commit to serve for a one-year term. Throughout the year, student nurse committee members engage in peer learning and sharing, develop leadership skills in environmental health nursing, and work on an environmental health focused project with their fellow committee members.

ANHE is thrilled to announce that we have expanded the committee for 2021 to include 14 outstanding student nurses. The 2021 ANHE Student Nurse Committee Members are as follows (universities included for affiliation purposes only):


Cristina Baglio
University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Jena Blum
Thomas Jefferson University

Emily Brewer
Millikin University

Gabrielle Diaz
Regis University

Kateri Dir-Munoz
Regis University

Lois Ezebuiro
University of Ibadan

Abdiel Gómez Santos
University of Puerto Rico

Elizabeth Hansel
University of Minnesota

Lori Herrick
Mercy College of Ohio

Andrea Lapuz
San Diego State University

Elizabeth Okoye
University of Ibadan

Naomi Pastrana
McGill University

Maria San Emeterio
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kayla Van Boxtel
University of Wisconsin-Madison


You can learn more about the committee members here.

To learn more about the 2020 Student Nurse Committee and their projects check out the 2020 Student Nurse Committee developed resources including the Mindless Composting Guide: Reduce, Reuse, Compost: a guide to help you become aware of the food waste you generate, creatively reuse your food scraps, and implement a mindless composting method no matter where you live and the Environmental Injustices Factsheets: a suite of factsheets summarizing the disproportionate impacts from environmental exposures across populations, including What is Environmental InjusticeImpacts of Extreme Weather on Children, Extreme Winter Weather for people experiencing homelessness, and an educational factsheet for community members summarizing the Effects on Heat in Older Adults and how to prevent heat-related illness, developed in partnership with Alternatives for Community and the Environment.