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ANHE Education Workgroup

The Education Workgroup meets monthly on the second Monday of the month.

The times of our calls alternates between 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. EST

Our next call is August 14th at 3:30 p.m. EST.

All are welcome!

The Co-chairs of the group are Ruth McDermott-Levy and Kathy Murphy.

Our focus of the 2017-2018 year are to continue to build content in the E-Text, mentoring nursing student, and continue community engagement.

Hope to see (hear) you Aug 14th!

Below are the minutes from our July call.

ANHE Education Work Group Minutes July 10th 7:30 p.m.

Attendees: Kathy Murphy, Sarah, Monica Hanson, Adrienne Wald, Sarah Anderson, Margaret Willis, Jennifer Losco, Barb Sattler

June minutes-motion to accept-Jennifer, seconded-Monica Hanson

Follow up from ANHE June conference

Overwhelming positive response from group.

A few comments:  “Wonderful to meet with like-minded people,,,engaging,,,learned a lot,,,great energy, comradery,,,extremely valuable”

A few comments regarding the Advocacy Day: “Great experience,,,appreciate the level of investment of the legislators and staff,,,they were engaged and supportive”

Regarding a possible conference for next year:  “Absolutely!”

Discussion about possibly moving conference about the country-with consideration of cost and time for travel.

Discussion of possible regional conferences with a central core of common information presented, but provide opportunities for regional concerns. Possibility of having conference the same day at all sites for core information skyped and afternoon breakout sessions for regional concerns.


Nov 11, 2017 Conference in Ct-Naugatuck Valley Community College. Initial planning has begun by committee: Anne Hulick, Hacah Boros and Kathy Murphy.

APHA: many ANHE members expected to attend and present.

Adrienne has a room to share, if interested-please connect with her.

ANHE webinars: upcoming: energy, coal, gas, human health

ENVIRN-group asked to review curriculum recommendations-are there additional areas that can be added? To be discussed at Aug call.

Discussion: Is there any tracking of certificates or courses in Environmental Health? Adrienne and Jenn Losco to review and report-Aug call

E-Text: Jen Losco offered to write a chapter on engagement related to climate change-Why should hospitals and interdisciplinary team be involved.

Adrienne and Sarah are working together on a chapter: How natural disasters affect mental health and resilience.

Discussion: is there a counter or tracking for the textbook to assess utilization

Discussion: when utilizing as a text for class-would it be of interest for ANHE to charge-understand focus of providing information to all nurses and not wanting cost to be a deterrent for information, but students expect/anticipate paying for a text-this could be a possible source of income for ANHE.

A reminder to please review E-text for other areas of inclusion and please volunteer to author a chapter! Please contact Ruth McDermott-Levy or Kathy Murphy if interested

Barb reminded the group there are many resources on climate change on the ANHE site-check first so not to re-create.  For example Barb has completed a 20 minute video on Climate Change and nursing. It will be posted on the ANHE site when done (soon). Right now it can be viewed on Barb asked all to watch and give feedback to Barb. Another great free resource!

There is also a climate change ANHE workgroup- Cara Cook of ANHE is the chair.  All welcome to join this group and monthly calls.

Engagement of faculty for inclusion of EH into nursing curriculum

Discussion of past work with State Boards of Nursing for inclusion of EH into licensure exam-no reponse.

Barriers to inclusion: report of faculty who don’t feel they have knowledge base. Continue to share ENVIRN resources and curriculum recommendations.