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EnviRN News – October 21, 2019

October 21, 2019


Isn’t Pride the seventh and worse of the sins Dante tells us about? Oregon and Portland are green. We are progressive. We are doing well here in the climate good place. Take a look at the info from Boston University via the New York Times. Go to: Auto Emissions. It hurts.

Death by Cleaning

One would think that health care settings would be the healthiest place to  hang out. Apparently not. Read about exposure to disinfectants and COPD. Go to: Nurses and COPD. We would love to hear from you if this research is changing any practice where you work.


You have probably read about the recent article published in JAMA about fluoride. I am making sure you have the original so you can decide the merits for yourself. Go to: fluoride. In my public health neighborhood there is much shouting about it. Please also read the editor’s comment.


If you are going to APHA note the Quad Council Coalition event Sunday, 11/3, 6:30-9PM, in the Marriott Downtown Liberty Ballroom Salon C.  Please let others know of this opportunity. This is sponsored by the Campaign for Action so PH Nurses can have some input into the Future of Nursing 2030 effort.


If your TV is not broken from throwing things at it, and you are done with your Halloween prep of watching Zombieland and Cabin in the Woods, take a look at the video created by the Last Chance Coalition. Barb Sattler has also told us to look forward to the movie Dark Waters. See this inspiring short with Greta Thunberg.


I hope you are listening to the Podcasts. Most recently Ziegler, LeClair, and Huffling.  Go to: Podcasts. You know how to download the app and listen.


While I understand there might be an ambassador position opening up somewhere in eastern Europe, a Climate for Health Ambassador Trainingwould be more fun. This is an in person event in Washington DC.

Conferences and Webinars and Such

APHA Annual Conference 11/2-11/6 – APHA
Climate Change and Nursing Video Series – Video
CEHN Protecting Children’s Environmental Health – Blueprint Series
PEHSU National Classroom – PEHSU Webinars and Modules
Climate Change and Health April 4, 2020 – Symposium
Lessons in Environmental Justice from Flint and California – Resources
Waiting Room Brochures from the Green Doctor – Resources

Another thing.

Some of you have asked about publishing in the newsletter. Like the Ramones this newsletter is short and loud. Get your piece published somewhere on line and let us know the link. If you need help finding a place to publish contact ANHE staff. If you have a scholarly piece, contact the ANHE education work group.
Be Well!

Tom Engle
Newsletter Ed.