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Environmental and Climate Health Nursing Curriculum – Research Study Volunteers Needed

Environmental and Climate Health Nursing Curriculum – Research Study Volunteers Needed

Will you share your thoughts on what topics are relevant for the development of an environmental health and climate change crosswalk reference tool? Do you have valuable content, teaching and learning strategies (including simulation) you have created about these topics? Would you like to share your ideas with your faculty colleagues? Are you living in the United States? If so, you may be interested in participating in this research project!

Study Title: It’s “Essential” – Integrating Environmental and Climate Health Topics into Existing Nursing Curriculum: A Concept Based, Competency-Based Crosswalk Framework

Consider participating in research to collect the best pedagogy practices for educating nursing students at all academic levels about environmental health and climate change. It is important for the future of nursing and the health of our planet to identify content, teaching and learning strategies, simulation concepts, and competency-based assessment strategies to develop a universal tool any nursing academic institution and faculty member can use to infuse environmental health and climate change topics into existing curricula. The final tool will result  in the mapping of content to accreditation standards from various nursing program accreditation bodies.

The survey takes between 20-40 minutes of your time. The survey is online. Completing this survey may result in identifying new educational resources and best practices to support the integration of environmental and climate change topics into nursing curriculum and provide an opportunity for a self-assessment of your current knowledge level on these topics.

To participate, please go to the following link or view the invitation attached that includes the QR code.

Attention Faculty_Study_09_2022 (1)

Please contact Dr. Jennifer J. Wasco, primary investigator, at 412-624-9079 or email with any questions. IRB# 22040116


*If you know of colleagues who may be interested in participating, please share this information with them.