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Priorities in Environmental Health Nursing Research: Request for Information

Please Respond by: February 15, 2018

Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) Research Work Group


The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments is requesting input from individuals, communities, and organizations (public and private) on defining priorities in environmental health nursing research. The scope of environmental health nursing research is broad and varied, including occupational and environmental exposures in global health and climate change, population, community, vulnerable population, occupation-specific, hazard-specific, disease or condition-specific, data science, gene-environment interaction, animal model, mechanistic, behavioral, prevention, disease management, risk reduction, education, and policy foci. Environmental health nursing research involves contributing to and leading both interdisciplinary research teams and domain-specific research unique to the discipline of nursing. Information to give direction to environmental health researchers with nursing training or backgrounds, and assist in communicating to funding agencies and interdisciplinary, multisector stakeholders on the unique contributions of, and priorities for, environmental health nursing research are welcomed.


Since the 1995 Institute of Medicine Report on Nursing, Health, and the Environment, there have been several initiatives to develop the scope, infrastructure, and priorities for environmental health nursing research. The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments has made substantial progress in creating a community of scholars, with members integrated into multiple interdisciplinary and nursing professional research organizations and agencies. Opportunities to prioritize, fund, support, and highlight the unique knowledge of holistic interactions and symptom science researchers with nurse discipline education and training can bring to environmental health research have not yet been fully leveraged and realized. Environmental health nursing research has demonstrated a historical breadth of scope and cohesive engagement in multidisciplinary efforts, with clear opportunity to identify the unique depth of knowledge nurse scientists provide to advancing symptom science and holistic human responses, from the gene to global levels of analyses, linked to environmental exposure. Building on this foundation, defining strategic research priorities in environmental health nursing research remains a key activity to communicate, shape, and influence funding agencies, stakeholders, professional research organizations, and the practice of both research nursing and clinical care. ANHE seeks information from individuals and organizations on priorities for environmental health nursing research.


How to Respond
Please submit your responses below or email us your responses in a document (Word, PDF, XLS, or CSV formats)

Please submit the responses no later than February 15, 2018, and limit the submission to no more than 3 pages for each focal area. Compiled results will be shared with members of our research work group with identifying information removed, and posted to the ANHE public website as appropriate. As such, please ensure no confidential, sensitive, protected, classified, or proprietary information is included.

Other Questions?
Please direct all inquiries to:
Jessica Castner, PhD, RN, FAEN
ANHE Research Work Group Co-Chair or ; 716-417-7360

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