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New Communication Resources by ecoAmerica: Climate Talking Points

As health professionals are looking for ways to address climate change in practice, something as simple as talking to patients and colleagues about this issue may in reality not be that simple. Conversations discussing climate change can be gloomy, overwhelming, and complex. Yet talking about climate change doesn’t have to be difficult. Our partners ecoAmerica and Climate for Health have developed practical and effective strategies for communicating on climate change and health with colleagues, patients, the public, and even elected officials.

Their communications strategies are grounded in the principles that listening and understanding values, concerns, and priorities help to overcome barriers in discussing such polarized issues as climate change. These strategies are based on extensive research and include language that has been tested and proven effective.

To add to their resources, ecoAmerica is now offering a new series: Climate Talking Points. In this series, ecoAmerica will provide talking points to help you start the conversation, as well as provide some example responses. For their first part of the series, ecoAmerica has developed tips for talking about energy. Download your copy HERE.

Health professionals, especially nurses, are trusted within their communities and with their patients. There is a unique opportunity for nurses to speak out on issues that impact health, such as climate change, and to help move climate solutions forward. Here are some additional resources to help you effectively talk about climate and health:

Let’s Talk Climate and Health: Communication Guidance for Health Professionals by ecoAmerica and Climate for Health

Let’s Talk Climate and Health Webinar where ecoAmerica’s Founder and CEO, Bob Perkowitz provides tips and tools for nurses to cultivate an effective voice in discussing climate change (1 FREE nursing CE provided).