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New Publication! “Climate Change and Health: Nurses as Drivers of Climate Action”

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) is excited to announce a recent publication in the Interdisciplinary Journal for Partnership Studies authored by Climate Change Program Coordinator Cara Cook. In the publication, Cook discusses the pivotal role of nurses in elevating the health voice on climate change in their communities, practice settings, and professional organizations and in moving climate action and solutions forward. Nurses have a long history of protecting public health, from the inception of the modern nursing to present day. For example, nurses and other health professionals have been instrumental in driving environmental policy and social change to reduce tobacco use and lead contamination. Climate change is similar in that nurses are uniquely positioned to advocate on behalf of the public and the populations they care for in order to positively influence health-protective action.

Highlighted as well in the publication is the Nursing Collaborative on Climate Change and Health formed in partnership with Climate for Health, an ecoAmerica program. The Nursing Collaborative is a joint effort and commitment between national nursing organizations to address climate change as a health imperative and increase awareness across the nursing profession on this important issue. Collaborative signatories consist of various nurses across nursing specialities and backgrounds. Learn more and view the full publication online at the Interdisciplinary Journal for Partnership Studies.  For a variety of actions that nurses can take to address climate change, visit ANHE’s Climate & Health Toolkit and check out the communications resources, plus research and guides at Climate for Health.

The Interdisciplinary Journal for Partnership Studies is a peer-reviewed, free, online journal aimed at sharing scholarship that emphasize interdisciplinary partnership work. The University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing issues the journal three times per year.

How to cite:

Cook, C. (2018). Climate Change and Health: Nurses as Drivers of Climate Action. Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies5(1), Article 8.